My name is John. I’m a 27 year old father to be. Today my wife Ashley and I found out after blood tests from a recent ob-gyn visit, that there was a positive result for Spina Bifida. We are awaiting a follow up appointment date for further testing to verify that it is present. We are both hoping and praying for the next test to show a healthy fetus growing peacefully in the womb. Spina Bifida is a very serious condition that at it’s very worst can cause paralysis, and even death from what i’ve researched. This is my first child, and all I want is for him to be healthy. There are so many things I desperately need in my life, but as soon as we got this news, I hit my knees and only asked for my child’s health. That is the only blessing I seek. Please pray with me that my son, now 4 months along, be born healthy. Please Lord, if there is anything wrong with my little boy heal his body. Please give myself and my wife the strength and wisdom to cope with whatever challenges may wait ahead of us.

Thank you for listening and God Bless you all here. I hope you all find the salvation and guidance you seek in your life.